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Hello and welcome all new members to HyukHae-Oxygen, the community solely for our beloved HyukHae couple. Of course, when we say "HyukHae", we mean top!Hyuk and bottom!Hae. This community welcomes anything from artwork to fanmixes to fanfiction - that are strictly HyukHae ONLY. And that's how and why this community was created. Completely for HyukHae and only HyukHae.


* Absolutely no HaeHyuk. Only HyukHae (as in, top!Hyuk and bottom!Hae)
* All posts must pertain to HyukHae
* No flaming/bashing of anything - and unless the person is requesting constructive criticism on their work, do not say anything that anyone might think of as offensive
* Do not wrItE LiKe ThiS. It's hard to read and bothersome
* Do not change the font (color, size, style - whatever)
* LJ-Cut is your friend
* Any posts that are not fanfics, fanmixes, requests, fanart, or fanvids will be deleted
* Do not advertise anything here unless given permission to. However, advertising this comm in your own journal or elsewhere is for you to decide
* Please do tag all entries - it's easier that way
* When requesting, do not ask any specific writer - unless you are looking for a fanfic that had already been posted and want to know where to find it again or who wrote it
* Enjoy and have fun, of course ^^.

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