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18 September 2014 @ 10:40 pm
Hold Me Hyukkie 1/2  
Title : Hold Me, Hyukkie
Pairing : Eunhyuk/Donghae
Rating : NC-17
Genre : Romance, smut
Summary : Donghae was this so-called straight vampire, or that was what he thought. He tried so hard to prove that he was manly and oh so masculine by roaming around screwing girls; both humans and vampires. But his action halted to abrupt stop when his old best friend came back to him one day to claim that Donghae was his. Being a brat Donghae was, he denied that fact violently. But things started to change when this best friend of his decided to appear when Donghae was feeling thirsty and he decided to watch the "beautiful" Donghae shamelessly.

Rolling his eyes as he could feel someone’s eyes practically boring holes on his back, Donghae turned his body around, and he was right when he found the red-haired Hyukjae was leaning against the wall with both arms folded in front of his chest and a smirk played on his plump lips.